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AIT (Abacus Information Technologies) is a computer consulting firm located in Oklahoma City offering support, repair, networking, custom programming and web sites to small and medium sized businesses. Microsoft Certified, we offer professional, affordable business computer service and technical help. AIT's mission is to provide you with personalized professional service. We take care of your technology so you can concentrate on other things. Established in 1992, AIT offers the stability you're looking for in an IT partner.

Why Outsource

  • Staff limited-duration projects that don't require a full-time employee
  • Lighten the load on overworked staff
  • Get immediate help when you don't have time to conduct a rigorous search and evaluation

  • On site computer repair service
    No need to take everything apart and take it to a store.  We will go to your location to diagnose and fix the problem.  Many issues are caused by viruses, spyware, malware and other malicious applications that slow down the computer, track your usage and even what you type.  They contribute to spam and the performance of your computer.  We use a variety of tools to eliminate such things.

  • Computer Network and Security
    No matter how large or small your network is, it is the critical component in allowing your employees to communicate with each other and with the outside world.  We can ensure your network is reliable, efficient and secure.  We administer servers, setup new users, install new software, make sure updates are installed and ensure proper security is setup. We also offer network cabling.

  • Custom Programming
    Many times off the shelf software just doesn't provide you with the solution your looking for.  We have worked with many businesses, small and large, to provide them with the an application meeting their exact needs.


ITIL Certified MCSE Certified
Security+ CertifiedA+ Certified


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