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Networking Services

Whether it is an interconnected network consisting of multiple locations and servers or a simple local network for file and print sharing, today's company must be able to rely on its infrastructure to operate and communicate effectively. Smoothly running systems are a necessity to any organization, but network issues and downtime can damage the bottom line.

AIT can help build a stable network from the ground-up, or get the kinks out of an existing setup. We will make sure your network supports your staff efficiently and effectively and you stay up and running.

AIT's Managed Network Services include:

  • Preparation of Network Specifications
  • Network Installation and Documentation
  • Support and Maintenance of Your Network
  • Cabling
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Virtual LANs
  • Standardization of PCs, Hardware and Software
  • Setup Routine Maintenance and Backup Schedules
  • File & Print Sharing
  • Remote Access
  • Inter-Office Messaging
  • Shared Faxing